'Tales From The Inland Seas' now available - VW Ignacio V. Illenberger

Mga Kuya:


After three years of labor, the first installment of the five-book fiction series "Tales From The Inland

Seas" is finally published. "The Ghost of Friar Botod" was officially launched last March 31 in 

Iloilo City during the installation ceremony of the Graciano Lopez Jaena Lodge No. 194. The Philippine Copyright was granted last February 28 while the ISBN that is the requirement for international distribution is still being processed.


Meanwhile the book will be sold at the GLP Masonic Supply Store starting this week and will also be sold during the 2012 ANCOM in Naga City.  The price is P350.00. It is my fondest hope that our descendants will remain in remembrance of the labors of our ancestors to found a nation.


Labong Lodge No. 59, GLP
Taguig City


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