Nomination Speech last 27Sept in the NCR Multi-District Convention - VW Rudy L. Ong

Today marks the beginning of my journey of possibly being elected to the position of JGW. Even at this very early point of my candidacy allow me to say that I am GRATEFUL. I firmly believe that any form of SUCCESS or VICTORY is not measured by money but by a feeling of contentment and more so again as I said, GRATITUDE.  Napakalaking bagay para sa akin na manomina ng aking mga ka Lohiya at kadistrito, my brothers who I equally respect, uphold and look up to. This has brought me more than joy, it has given me a sense of affirmation and a will to live up to certain expectations. It has also taught me extremely valuable lessons and enabled me to channel qualities like patience, tolerance, kindness, humility and perseverance. Iilan pa lang po ito sa mga bagay na dapat kong patuloy na matutunan, dapat maging bahagi ng aking pagkatao para maging isang ,mabuting Kuyang.  By the way, you can call me BRO, B-R-O – short for Brother Rudy Ong.


I must confess that at first, I was hesitant to accept the nomination because I was afraid I do not have the chance to win since in the past, winning in the Grand Orient has been equated with Fame, Position and Wealth.  All these, I don’t have.  However, that fear is now gone.  I learned a week after the nomination that there is now an edict about electoral reform in our system.  And we are very fortunate that today, we have in our midst the man who initiated this electoral reform, the man whose visionary leadership put our elections on the level and enabled us, ordinary masons, to have a shot at the position of Grandmaster, giving us the opportunity to choose a leader who’s our very own, someone coming from our ranks and from our level.  The man I am referring to is Right Worshipful Tomas Rentoy.  Let’s give him a warm round of applause.


I believe that with this electoral reform, we will move even faster in the years ahead, because we've got a bigger base to build on, and that's why I say today, that we are progressive Masons who want to go forward and we know the way.


Being elected to lead is more often than not ironic because you end up being of service instead. You are actually elected to SERVE, which is not a bad thing – actually a challenge that I, after 22 years of being a Mason, so wholeheartedly accept. I embrace my candidacy and I appeal to all of you my brothers to HELP ME HELP YOU. My platform, if ever willfully elected, will be focused mainly on the future of Philippine Masons so that every mason in the twilight of his years will continue to lead a productive, comfortable life -- one that matters.  It is only after I have been put to office that I may be able to work for this purpose and show you how good and pure my intentions are, that all these shall unfold in front of your very eyes.


With all due humility, allow me to say that I am a SEASONED MASON.  If it were a craft I would claim to know it by heart, a little morbid as it may seem but this is how I intend to be remembered after I have long been gone:  as FATHER, HUSBAND & aast but not least, a MASON.


Maraming bagay na mabuti at maganda sa Masoneria.  Gusto ko itong pagyamanin at gusto kong manatili ito sa ating puso at damdamin sa maraming makabuluhang paraan. Ang pagiging mabuting Mason ay hindi nasusukat sa basta pananalita kung hindi ay nasusubok sa gawa.  I ask each and everyone of you to give me a try because I was born to do this.  Ako po ay taong matatawag ninyong napaka hands on. We need leaders who are level headed and open minded -- leaders who are meant to put their words into action, leaders who can offer time and commitment to our fraternity.   This makes the big difference.  I do not ask people to do important things for me; I make sure I do it myself and that I am constantly on top of any situation, on top of my game.  In short, you may call me a Game Master or GM.  All of us are busy individuals yet despite these, I say that what is necessary to fulfill a Mason's work is to effectively use our 24-inch gauge that is to find time yet maintain that balance in life with very important things like FAMILY, CAREER & FAITH.


To the voting delegates, it is essential that your vote be not made simply on the basis of the labels we wear but that it has to be made on what we stand for, on our track record, on our background.  All these sums up who we are  - - as for me, a very big part of my life is taking pride in being a MASON.   I am in a reasonable way defined by my Masonic Ideals, sa puso, sa isip at sa gawa.


To my co-candidates, it is an honor to be nominated for the 1st time along side with you, I send you a sincere and genuine GOOD LUCK wish. I keep the most to myself because I most definitely will need all the luck I can muster. Yet it doesn't cease from here.  This is just the beginning of my Journey and I thank all of you especially the Brethren of Labong Lodge 59 for being with me every step of the way.  As a matter of fact, as a show of support, 28 brothers from Labong Lodge 59 have come all the way to this beautiful island paradise, to share with me the joy and excitement of this journey.  It is said that the greatest gift of life is friendship and I’m so happy I have just received lots of it from my brethren at Labong Lodge 59 and other lodges as well.


Sometimes, it’s the journey that teaches one a lot about his destination.  I hope I can go on and on.  Samahan ninyo po ako at hayaan ninyong patunayan ko sa inyo that I was worth the vote that you made in the name of our beloved Fraternity.  Please remember your BRO B-R-O Brother Rudy Ong, mula po sa Lohiya Labong, always and will be at your SERVICE!  Maraming salamat po at Mabuhay  tayong lahat!

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