The Tablet of ZELEK - VW Ignacio V. Illenberger / Awarded by VW Alexander E. Yu

(Description of Deeds, to be read during awarding, in plaque at back of tablet or table nameplate)

The Tablet of ZELEK

Masonic tradition informs us that at the building of King Solomon’s temple, the Chief Architect Hiram Abiff was given many tasks of great importance. To mitigate his full twenty four inch gauge and ensure that his specifications on the quality of the rough ashlars were met, Hiram Abiff asked his Chiefs of the quarries, the carpenters, the artificers of metals and the workers in gold to assign him a young Fellow of the Craft who possessed the qualities of a future trustee temple builder. The chiefs selected a young stone worker from the quarries of Gebal in ancient Phoenicia. His name was ZELEK. That young Fellow of the Craft responded mightily to the tutelage of his mentor and his labors ensured the continued high esteem accorded to the Grand Master Hiram Abiff. When Hiram Abiff, that ancient ancestor of the modern day Freemasons was killed in the precincts of the temple, the memory of the labors of ZELEK seemed destined to be forgotten in posterity.

Brother JESUS S. FERNANDO, Jr. was raised a Master Mason by this Lodge in October, 2010 - during my incumbency as Junior Warden. As the gate keeper of the South Station to whom the superintendence of the craft during the hours of refreshment was entrusted, I feared that my twenty four inch gauge might fail me in my duties. Remembering the story of ZELEK, I searched for another figure of the same mold and found Bro. Fernando. Bro. Fernando became my trustee in the shadows. As I rose in the progression of the lights, so did Bro. Fernando work and learn the inner workings of the lodge, but always in the shadows.

This afternoon, I have turned over the Oriental Chair to my successor. As my first act as past master of Labong Lodge No. 59, I humbly bestow this Tablet of ZELEK to my former trustee Bro. Fernando. May this tablet serve Bro. Fernando well during his own progression in the Craft. May the works of our ancient operative ancestor ZELEK be emulated by the succeeding generation of modern day speculative Freemasons.

Done on February 2, 2013




(Citation in tablet if in plaque form)


The Tablet of ZELEK

This simple emblem of the legacy of ZELEK, a Fellow of the Craft and Trustee of the Grand Master Hiram Abiff in the ancient quarries of Gebal in ancient Lebanon, is humbly bestowed upon:


(Raised a Master Mason, October, 2010)


Working tirelessly and without aspiration for honors, ZELEK ensured that the rough ashlars remained in the highest quality. His labors in the shadow of the remote mountains of Lebanon enabled the guild of temple builders in the City of Tyre to maintain its reputation as the best in the land. When his mentor Hiram Abiff was killed inside the precincts of the Temple of Solomon during its construction, the resulting re-organization of the work force relegated the memory of his labors to obscurity.

BRO. FERNANDO is a speculative Freemason descendant of the ancient operative mason ZELEK. Emulating the qualities of his fraternal ancestor, BRO. FERNANDO labored in the many tasks assigned him by his more senior brethren in the line of progression, always ensuring satisfaction and always in the shadows. By his achievements, BRO. FERNANDO has likewise ensured that the memory of the prized qualities of ZELEK remains alive among the ranks of modern day Freemasons.

Done on the occasion of my relinquishing the Oriental Chair, I hereby affix my signature:



February 2, 2013



(Etching in front, if tablet is in table nameplate form)



Descendant of ZELEK of Gebal, in the Land of Libanus




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